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At CJ Tree & Garden Services Safety & Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

We carry out all aspects of Tree & Hedge work, Landscaping, Fencing, Excavator and mini digger work, Turf laying.

You can trust CJ Tree & Garden Services to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.  We provide a fully insured and friendly service - separate £5m public liability cover for both tree and building work, plus £10m employees insurance so you can have Peace of Mind when we are working for you. We will always carry out a full Risk Assessment prior to starting the job. Our friendly and professional service is here to help right from pricing the work to sweeping up at the end.




TREE REMOVAL - Safety is our priority

Full tree removal is carried out in the cases of trees deemed to be structurally unsound (through root decay or being wind-thrown), diseased beyond remedy, causing heave or damage to property, planted without consideration for their mature size that have outgrown the insufficient space allocated them, or self-seeded and not in a practical position.  

The method and techniques used for tree removal depend on the circumstances, and include felling, section felling, dismantling and various kinds of rigging (rope-lowering) techniques or access platforms.

If the stump is to be removed, this is done with a stump-grinder which breaks up the stump and mixes it in with the soil.

CROWN WORK - Does your tree need pruning?

Crown cleaning

This is the removal from the crown of anything which ought not to be there. This includes deadwood, rubbing branches (which can damage the tree's bark, thus opening the tree up to infection, and which can also result in mechanical stress leading to cracks which are a hazard and which also act as another doorway for infection), weakly attached branches, poorly spaced branches, inward growing branches and diseased branches. Cleaning the crown of the tree optimises tree health, as much as can be achieved through pruning methods, and leaves the tree with a good structure, safer, and being more aesthetically pleasing.

Crown reduction

This is the reduction of the crown of the tree in order to reduce the height and spread of the tree while maintaining the natural growth habit and its natural look. The tree crown should be reduced by no more than 25% in any pruning session (of leaf-bearing material), so as not to force the tree into a panic response which will stress the tree, and result in more rapid re-growth in many species. This can be performed on trees growing to a great size in a small space as an alternative to tree removal.

Crown lifting

This is the lifting of the "crown beginning", i.e. the lowest point of the tree crown. This can be achieved by removal of the lowest boughs, or by removal of low-hanging side-branches. This is usually done for reasons of practicality, since the lowest branches of a tree help to develop good trunk taper, through dynamics created by the wind acting on the tree which stimulates woody growth. The lowest branches, as well as playing an important mechanical role, also have a very important biological role, as sugars produced in the leaves are transported to the roots for storage via an active (thus an energy-requiring) transport system, and a crown lift will result in a greater distance over-which the tree must transport sugars to the roots. A crown lift should be done only for purposes of practical necessity.

Crown thinning

This is the selective removal of branches from the crown of a tree. This leaves the silhouette almost unchanged, but allows more light and air penetration through the crown. More air penetration has been linked to a reduce in risk for certain tree diseases, and it also reduces the "wind sail effect", the force generated against the tree roots by the wind acting on the tree crown, thus making the tree less prone to being blown-over in a strong wind or storm. Over-thinning, as excess in pruning in general, is not to the tree's benefit, as it can result in unwanted rapid re-growth which stresses the tree. If the tree is left for a time with insufficient leaves to produce enough sugar to meet its own requirements, it is forced to draw on stored energy reserves, therefore leaving the tree depleted and in a fatigued state, making it more prone to disease and with less energy for all its other processes.

Dead Wooding - Keeping your trees healthy and safe

Dead wooding involves removing the dead wood from the crown of the tree for the purposes of tree health, safety, and aesthetics. Dead wood can harbour pests and disease within the crown, and also can break-out and fall.

Some examples of work carried out by CJ Tree & Garden Services

This job was an oak tree that covered a garage, workshop, carport and sheds and also had power line running within 2 metres of the branches. We had a 4 man team for 2 days and on the first day we liaised with UK Power network to isolate the power either side of the 2 nearest poles. This meant that properties in the area were going to have a power cut for the day but we were able to have the power back on by 3:00 pm as we removed any part of the tree that could of fallen on the power lines as a priority.

Poplar tree infected with goat mouth had to be felled as it was in danger of falling onto the house.

What our customers say

This was a concrete path that had been laid 500mm above the damp coarse which was causing damp on the inside of the cottage. We broke the concrete up, dug a trench the full length of the cottage, made a French drain using the broken concrete and then laid a thick layer of pea shingle.

"Thanks for all the work you've done it looks great"
"The boss has arrived home and delighted with your work so thank you once again"
"Thanks you both for all your hard work trees look great"
"Driveway looks rather smart now"
"Brilliant, thanks so much"
"Great work, very professional good to see a happy team"